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Reviews of the many Ripper titles available to the consumer are available here. Select one of the following categories for complete listings.

Non-Fiction - Reviews of all non-fictional Ripper books ever published.

Fiction - Reviews of all fictional Ripper books ever published, including plays and comic-books.

Periodicals - Reviews of all Ripper periodicals.

Partial Ripper Content - Reviews of books which devote some space to Jack the Ripper, but are not entirely about the case.

Police and Forensic Science - Books written by or about Victorian policemen, as well as books discussing methods of detection in Victorian times.

Suspect Related - Books written about individuals suspected to have been the murderer, not dealing specifically with the subject of Jack the Ripper.

Victorian London - Books written about London in Victorian times, with particular emphasis on the East End, women's issues and social conditions.

Criminology - Books on various aspects of crime - covering murder in general, particularly sex crimes and serial murderers. Books on speciifc murders or murderers can be found in "Infamous Murder Cases."

Infamous Murder Cases - Books on various infamous murder cases, particularly those in Victorian London and environs. Includes other Victorian murder cases in America and other countries, as well as other books on specific serial killers.

Miscellaneous - Books which have some peripheral relation to the Ripper murders, but which do not fall into any of our other categories.

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