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Weekly Herald
December 7th, 1888


THE new Chief Commissioner of Police has not done anything yet towards unravelling the Whitechapel mysteries. The "Pall Mall," whose taste is unaccountably gory, has put forth a theory that the murderer is a Frenchman; and urges in support of its case tha tthe supposed assassin spelt the word "Jews" in French fashion "Juives."  Should all the theories prove true, the murderer would indeed be a curious combination. He has been at various periods a Malay, a Russian, an American, and a Jew, and the advancer of each of the theories has proved indubitably (to himself at least) that he was right. We opine--although theorising is dangerous--that when the actual miscreant turns up his case will be like "Captain Corcoran's" in Pinafore.

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