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Weekly Gazette and Stockman
Reno, Nevada, USA
10 April 1890

A Mongolian Jack the Ripper?
By Cable and Associated Press

London, April 8.
The barbarous murder of Helena Montana, a disreputable woman of Hobersthal, near here, has created great excitement. The woman was killed in a mysterious manner in the open street. Her throat was cut, the ears torn off, the body disemboweled and otherwise mutilated, after the manner of Jack the Ripper. The woman was drinking with a Chinaman all the afternoon in a low den. The pair parted, apparently on friendly terms, but it is supposed the Chinaman subsequently lay in wait for and murdered her. When the body was found at midnight the blood lay in a stagnant pool all around it. No outcries were heard by those living in the vicinity, and none of the neighbors could throw a particle of light on the mystery.

The police have arrested thirty Chinamen on suspicion of being an accessory.

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