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Steubenville Daily Herald
Ohio, U.S.A.
29 December 1888

Two Boys Murdered and Mutilated - Imitation of the Whitechapel Fiend

Special to the Herald

London, December 29.
News comes from Bradford this morning of a horrible murder, so similar in its appalling details to the villainy of the Whitechapel fiend as to lead to the supposition that Jack the Ripper has changed his scene of operations, or that some murderous maniac has been imitating his work. The first victim in this case, however, was a boy only eight years old, who was found this morning in a stable shockingly mutilated. His ears, nose, legs and arms had been cut off. The body had been disembowelled and dismembered, and the parts were stuffed into the gory cavity. As was the case in the Whitechapel murders the perpetrator of this new horror left no trace behind him. Bradford today is in an excited condition. There is but one topic of discussion, and the streets in the vicinity of the stable where the boy's mutilated body was discovered are filled with an excited multitude.


Scarcely had the people began to recover from the shock of the first murder than they were horrified by the report of another boy murder. The body of the second boy, whish is just as horrible mutilated, has been found at Kilwich, near Keighley. There is absolutely no clew to the murderer in either case, though he is thought to have been the same man in each case.

Editor's note: The report of the unnamed Bradford victim appears to refer to John Gill, who was named in other reports. See "Related Pages" below.

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