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The Star
New Zealand

16 November 1888


London, Nov, 14.
The last victim of the Whitechapel murders was at one time a respectably connected woman who had been in gentleman's service in the West End for some time. She descended lower and lower in the social scale until she became an outcast and drifted into the slums of the East End. The police have made what they consider an important arrest. The suspected person has the appearance of a well dressed man about town, and is said to be identical with the man observed about the scenes of the previous murders immediately before the committal of the foul deeds.

The Press, commenting on the resignation of Sir Charles Warren, suggest that Mr Matthews, the Home Secretary, should follow suit, in favour of one more capable of administering the Home Department.

The report is current that Mr Howard Vincent, the member for Sheffield, has been offered the Commissionership of Police, rendered vacant by the resignation of Sir Charles Warren, but the report is declared to be untrue.

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