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Sheboygan Press (U.S.A.)
27 June 1911


Murderous Pervert Like Jack the Ripper Abroad in Atlanta

Atlanta, Ga., June 27.
Apparently Jack the Ripper is at work in Atlanta and his purpose is to murder every negress he can. The finding of the mutilated body of a comely negress on a side street, marks the sixth chapter in a series of mysterious murders which have puzzled the detectives and thrown the negro population into a state of terror.

Six consecutive Sunday nights have been marked by the murder of a negress, and in every instance the bodies have been mutilated in such a manner as to indicate that the same man committed the crimes. The victims have all been young and comely and the indications are that they were first strangled to death and then the murderer proceeded to carve certain parts of their bodies. In each instance the bodies of the victims have been found in lonely side streets where, it is believed, the women were lured. Physicians say the murderer is undoubtedly a pervert with a knowledge of anatomy. The detectives have no clew.

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