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Reno Evening Gazette
Nevada, USA
8 October 1888


A New Theory Relative to the Whitechapel Murders

New York, Oct. 6.
Colonel J.C. Hughes-Hallett of London, formerly of the Royal Artillery and a member of Parliament, is in this city. He says that he disguised himself and investigated the Whitechapel case just after the second murder - that of Martha Turner. He said to-day: "I had made up my mind, and I have seen no reason to change it, that the perpetrator of the atrocities is a West End man, a gentleman, a person of wealth and culture perhaps, but certainly of intellectual qualities, finish and keen discrimination. I was convinced that my man left his club, as I was then doing, and disguised himself for his hideous nocturnal revel, as I was then about to do. My theory is that the Whitechapel murderer is an army doctor, or medicine student, or a gentleman who has read medicine and studied anatomy as a fad or simply as part of a liberal education. I have no idea that he is practicing physician or hospital student. I believe him to be a gentleman and a man of leisure, or perhaps a retired army surgeon. He is a man of the world. His homicidal mania, it seems to me, is probably the result of the effect on his brain of a malady he acquired from some woman of the class he has now taken, or, perhaps, only begun taking his vengeance on. The mental distress produced by such a malady is frequently, the authorities say, inconceivable. It might readily breed sich a butcher's mania as this. The mutilation of the bodies and the parts of them removed by the avenger's knife point to this idea more strongly.

"It is as likely as not that he will never be caught. He very likely preserves the the parts he removes from his victims to gloat over them at his leisure. He may bury them preserved in alcohol, but put under ground to avoid detection, or he may burn them in his chamber, dancing around the sacrifice. But he has them, in all probability, and by them he should be caught. I do not believe the police will find him by searching Whitechapel or even the East End. They must branch out and look where suspicion has never heretofore pointed. They must find these viscera, or at all events trace them."

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