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Qu'Appelle Vidette
14 February 1889

Jack the Ripper At It Again

Either Jack the Ripper of Whitechapel has emigrated from the scene of his ghastly murders, or he has found one or more imitators in Nicaragua, Central America. The people there have been greatly aroused by six of the most atrocious murders ever committed within the limits of that city. The assassin has vanished and left no traces for identification. All the victims were women of the character of those who met their fate at the hands of the London murderer. They were murdered just as mysteriously and the evidence points to almost identical methods. Two were found butchered out of all recognition. Even their faces were most horribly smashed, and in the cases of all the others their persons were frightfully disfigured. Like Jack the Ripper's victims, they have been found in out of the way places. Two of the victims were possessed of gaudy jewelry, and from this it is urged that the mysterious murderer has not committed the crimes for robbery. In fact, in almost every detail the crimes and characteristics are almost identical with the Whitechapel cases.

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