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Penny Illustrated Paper (London)
23 February 1889


It would seem that "Jack the Ripper" has transferred himself from the Old World to the New, and is practising his horrible crimes with as much impunity in the Far West as he did in the east of London. Some time ago it was reported that some unknown criminal had perpetrated several murders of the well known Whitechapel type upon the outcast women of Jamaica. A similar outbreak of crime has occurred in Nicaragua.

The last Whitechapel murder was committed on Lord Mayor's Day, Nov. 9, since which time there have been no similar atrocities in the east of London. We now learn that at the beginning of January similar atrocities were taking place in Nicaragua, and that about the end of December equally barbarous mutilations are reported from Jamaica. It would be interesting to know whether any steamer left the Thames after Nov. 9, and after calling at Jamaica in December proceeded to Central America. If such a steamer exists there seems a strong possibility that the murderer will be found among her crew - at any rate, the clue is one which might well be followed up by our detectives.

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