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Pall Mall Gazette
20 October 1888


No person is under detention at either of the police-stations. The house-to-house search is completed, and has led to no discovery of any value. Intelligence was received by the detectives yesterday afternoon in Islington a strange man was observed to write on a wall the words "I am Jack the Ripper". He was pursued for some distance, but got clear away. As Saturday and Sunday - the days which the Whitechapel murderer has hitherto chosen for his work - come round week by week, special precautions are taken by the police as well as by the self-constituted vigilance committee. Last night, when the policeman on night duty were drawn up in their respective station-yards, preparatory to going on their beats, the last letter sent by "Jack the Ripper" was read over to them. It was pointed out that the writer intimated his intention of committing further murders last night, and the necessity for special vigilance was impressed on the police.

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