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Pall Mall Gazette
4 September 1888


Another desperate assault, which stopped only just short of murder, was committed upon a woman in Whitechapel on Saturday night (i.e. 1 September). The victim was leaving the Foresters' Music hall, Cambridge Heath road, where she had been spending the evening with a sea captain, when she was accosted by a well dressed man, who requested her to walk a short distance with him, as he wanted to meet a friend. They had reached a point near to the scene of the murder of the woman Nicholls, when the man violently seized her by the throat and dragged her down a court. He was immediately joined by a gang of women and bullies, who stripped the unfortunate woman of necklace, earrings, and brooch. Her purse was also taken, and she was brutally assaulted. Upon her attempting to shout for aid one of the gang laid a large knife across her throat, remarking, "We will serve you as we did the others." She was, however, eventually released. The police have been informed, and are prosecuting inquiries into the matter, it being regarded as a probable clue to the previous tragedies.

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