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Northern Daily Telegraph (U.K.)
Friday, 7 December 1888




The Metropolitan Police yesterday made a singular arrest, which was reported to be in connection with the Whitechapel murders. It appears that during the afternoon a man, described as a Polish Jew, was arrested near Drury-lane, but for what offence is not quite clear. This individual, who is of short stature, with black moustache, was taken to the Bow-street Station, where he was detained for a time. A telegraphic communication was forwarded thence to Leman-street Police Station, the headquarters of the Whitechapel division, requesting the attendance of one of the inspectors. Detective-inspector Abberline immediately proceeded to Bow-street, and subsequently brought away the prisoner in a cab, which was strongly escorted. The detectives at the East End made every inquiry in the neighbourhood concerning the suspect, who is well known in the locality, although he is stated to have been absent lately. It was subsequently ascertained that the man was apprehended for stealing a watch, with which offence he has been charged. The police, however, were led to believe that he was connected, not with the mutilations, but with the recent attempt to murder a woman in George-street, Spitalfields. Exhaustive inquiries were made, but as far as can be ascertained the man could in no way be connected with that outrage. It is further stated that the inspector was heard to say to one of his subordinates: "Keep this quiet; we have got the right man at last. This is a big thing.

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