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Newark Daily Advocate
Ohio, U.S.A.
25 January 1889

Not Jack the Ripper After All

Cleveland, O., Jan. 25.
Ladies living in the vicinity of Prospect, Perry and Brownell streets have for the past few days been terribly frightened by an alleged Jack the Ripper. Two patrolmen have been parading the neighborhood, and late Wednesday night, seeing two men in a doorway near Perry street, surrounded them. Several citizens have previously told the officers that they were the men who had been peeping into windows and jumping from behind trees and looking impertinently into women's faces. They were recognized as J.W. Francisco and one Gaffney, private detectives, and claimed that they were in search of testimony in the interest of a certain lawyer. Instead of being embryo Jack the Rippers they are of the modern school of private Hawkshaws.

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