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New York Tribune (USA)
5 October 1888

He Thinks He Knows the Monster

George M. Dodge, a seaman who has visited many ports thinks he knows the wretch who has committed the atrocious murders in the Whitechapel district of London. He says that he left here on January 6, as third mate of the clipper Wandering Jew. Arriving at Shangai China, he was paid off and shipped as quartermaster on the English steamship Glenorley. The vessel stopped at various ports on the China coast, and arrived at London on Aug 13. Dodge went to the Queen's music hall High St. Poplar, with the ship's mate, and there met a Malay cook called Alaska. The Malay said that he had been paid a few days before two years' wages, amounting to more than $500. He had purchased clothing and fine gold watch.

Going to the Whitechapel district, Alaska said, he had been robbed by a woman with whom he had consorted, of all he had. Dodge says that in his presence that Malay cook threatened that, unless he found the woman that robbed him and recovered his property from her, he would murder and mutilate every Whitechapel woman he met. As an earnest of his boast he showed a knife, the blade of which was fully fifteen inches long and sharpened on both edges. The Malay is described as five feet seven inches high; weight 130 pounds; has straight, black hair, black eyes, black mustache, fine features and is about thirty-five years old.

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