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Nevada State Journal
Nevada, USA
12 August 1912


Denver, Colo., Aug. 11.
The Denver Jack the Ripper, who, after assaulting Miss Signe A. Carlzen, on Friday night, fiendishly murdered the young music teacher, dragged her body into a clump of weeds beside the road, then mutilated the body with a pocket knife, is still at large.

Although the murderer's clothing was undoubtedly covered with blood, Chief of Police Felix O'Neil and his strengthened corps of detectives have not found the slightest clue which might lead to the identity of Miss Carlzen's murderer, but they are more convinced than ever that the same man is the perpetrator of other like crimes.

If the effort to locate a man who has been stabbed with a hatpin is successful, Chief O'Neil believes he will be the man sought.

When Miss Carlzen's body was found, a hatpin was grasped tightly in her right hand. The point was broken off and it is believed that she used the pin as her best weapon of defense, and succeeded in stabbing her assailant with it.

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