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Marion Daily Star
Ohio, USA
19 December 1893

Suspected of Whitechapel Crimes

According to sheriff Beecher, in charge of the jail at Monticello, N. Y., where Mrs. Halliday, the murderess, is confined, "recent investigations show that Mrs. Halliday is in all probability connected with the famous Whitechapel murders. It has been proved that she was in Europe at the time. She frequently refers to the subject both when she is in possession of her mental faculties and when she is raving."

In addition, the sheriff said: "I said to Mrs. Halliday 'Lizzie, you are accused of the Whitechapel murders. Are you guilty?' 'Do you think I am an elephant?' she replied. 'That was done by a man.'"

Mrs. Halliday is constantly speaking of these murders. She also talks of many women brought from New York who have been robbed, killed, cut up in small pieces and dumped in the Hudson river.

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