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Marion Daily Star
Ohio, USA
29 November 1889

A Mob of Women in Madrid

Madrid, Nov. 29.
A man supposed to be "Jack the Ripper" was set upon by a crowd of women in the poorer quarter of the city yesterday, while he was in the custody of officers, who were removing him from the jail to the court toom, where he was to be arranged (sic) on the charge of having recently committed a murder under circumstances resembling those of the Whitechapel murders in London. The crowd increased in number until it reached upwards of 500, mostly women, and it was only through the utmost exertions of the governor of Madrid and a strong force of gendarmes, who were summoned, that the prisoner's life was saved. As it was, he was so severely beaten that the services of a physician were necesary to restore him to a condition rendering the legal proceedings in his case possible.

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