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Indiana Evening Gazette
Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
8 May 1915

Austrian Arrested in New York After Chasing Small Boys

New York, May 7.
A man suspected of being Jack the Ripper was arrested in a hallway in Seventeenth Street, where he had hidden after being chased by the father of one of several boys whom he was accused of having frightened. The man, who said he was Lewis Stemler, twenty nine years old, an Austrian waiter out of work, is said to have been chasing a small crowd of boys about five or six years old along First Avenue.

A few hours before the body of little Charlie Murray was carried from his home in First Avenue, his mother received a letter in which the writer boasted that he would soon kill another child as soon as the present excitement has died down. It is said that the writer of the letter, which was not made public, not only predicted another revolting crime, but showed a desire to bait the police by naming the locality in which the outrage will take place.

In this he has apparently taken his inspiration from the White Chapel ripper murders, in which the man who stabbed in the night often wrote to the police the place he would kill on a certain date and dared them to catch him. They never did.

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