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Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser
Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday, 25th September 1888


London, Monday

The Central News is enabled to state that Dr Phillips, who made the post-mortem examination of the body of Annie Chapman, the victim of the last Whitechapel murder, has been sent to Durham in connection with the terrible crime committed in that district yesterday. Dr Phillips, who left London this evening, will examine the body of the young woman who was murdered and mutilated at Birtley, with a view to ascertain whether the injuries inflicted on her resemble those inflicted on the Whitechapel victim. We further learn that Inspector Rootes, of the Criminal Investigation Department, also left London this evening for Durham, with the object of ascertaining whether any of the facts connected with the murder of Jane Savage on Saturday night are likely to be serviceable in elucidating the Whitechapel mysteries. Up to a late hour this evening the local police had obtained no clue to the murderer, and the fact that several hours must have elapsed between the committal of the crime and the discovery of the body greatly increases their difficulty.

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