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Evening Standard (London)
23 June 1883


CLERKENWELL - James Kelly, 23, an upholsterer, of Cottage-Lane, City-Road, St. Luke's was charged before Mr. Barstow with attempting to murder his wife, Sarah Ann Kelly, by stabbing her in the neck, at the above address, on Thursday night. - Police-Inspector Maynard said the Prosecutrix was lying at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and was too seriously injured to attend. - Mrs. Sarah Brider, mother-in-law to the Prisoner, said that Kelly had only been married to his wife a little over a fortnight. She lived in the same house with them. On Thursday night they were all in the parlour, and the Prisoner accused his wife of keeping the company of girls of loose character at Islington. There had for a day or two previously been a slight quarrel between them. She said, in reply, "I won't live with you any longer; you are unkind and cruel." The Prisoner said, "You won't leave me; I'll stop you from doing that;" and added that he would "Knock her down." Nothing further was said at the moment, but after the lapse of a few minutes he asked her to forgive him, and sat by her side on a couch. She said that she could not forgive him, and the Witness saw him put his arm round her neck and drag her head down to the floor. He then ran out of the room and his wife fell down on the carpet, in a swoon, bleeding very much at the neck. A doctor was sent for, and she was conveyed to the hospital. - Dr. Rayner said that on the Prisoner's wife being admitted to the hospital she was in an unconscious state. She had a punctured wound below the left ear, nearly three inches deep. Her life was very much in danger. The Prisoner was taken into custody by the police on his returning into the room. A pocket-knife was found on the floor with the blade broken sharp off from the handle. - Mr. Barstow remanded the Prisoner.

JAMES KELLY, of Cottage-Lane, City-Road, was charged at the Clerkenwell Police-Court yesterday with attempting to murder his wife. They had only been married a fortnight. During a quarrel between them on Thursday night he is said, stabbed her in the neck with a pocket knife. She now lies in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, in a dangerous condition. The Prisoner was remanded.

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