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Evening News
London, U.K.
24 October 1888


About half-past twelve o'clock, this morning, a man who was in the company of a woman, in Whitechapel-road, and who seemed to be behaving in a suspicious manner, was given in charge by some persons who had been watching the couple. On the man, who seemed half intoxicated, refusing to give his name, or account for himself in any way, he was detained at Leman-street Station. On inquiry there, however, this morning, the Central News was informed that the police attach no importance whatever to the arrest.


The inquest on the body of a boy murdered in a wood at Pontadawe, near Swansea, was opened yesterday, and after formal evidence had been taken was adjourned until to-day. Thomas Lott, who is charged with the crime, is believed to be insane. It is stated that Lott was interrupted in his supposed design to disembowel his victim by a party carrying a coffin passing at the time the murder was committed. Across the child's body is a scratch, evidently done with a knife. Another boy had been lured into the wood by the prisoner, but, on being ordered to take off his clothes, ran away in fright.

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