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Evening News
London, U.K.
23 October 1888


The Central News says: Inquiries concerning the murder in a wood at Pontardawe, near Swansea, which took place, yesterday, show that the sensational reports as to "disemboweling" and "mutilation" of the victim are entirely untrue. The facts are, as stated by the Central News, yesterday, that a lad named Lott, believed to be of weak intellect, murdered a boy - not a girl - four years of age, but cutting his throat with a butcher's knife.


Yesterday morning a man entered the Gordon Chambers, a lodging-house, near Bow Church, and asked permission to wash, which was granted. He was afterwards observed to take off a pair of white overalls, and he was also seen to be drying at the fire a waistcoat from which he had evidently washed a stain. After trying in vain to sell the overalls for 3d. he walked out, returning at night about 12 o'clock quite differently attired. His conduct being considered suspicious, the police were communicated with, with the result than an hour later he was arrested. The man was in bed at the time with his clothes on. He was conveyed to Bow-road station.


A man was to-day arrested near the Tower of London who answers the published description of the Whitechapel murderer. He will be detained pending inquiries.

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