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El Tiempo (Mexico)
25 September 1889



(translated for El Tiempo)

London, September 10.
Jack the Ripper has just made himself known again by means of a new deed in the Whitechapel district. This morning, at half past five, a policeman found on the corner of Cable Street, below a railway viaduct, the body of a woman whose head and legs had been cut off and were missing. The abdomen of the victim had been completely opened and the intestines lay next to the body. The police hastened to close off the place where the body was found, but still no arrest has been made. Every quarter of an hour throughout the night police on duty in this district pass this spot, but they saw nothing suspicious. Doctors say that the murderer would certainly have needed one hour to carry out his gruesome task. The victim was a woman of an unfortunate way of life who must have been about thirty years of age. It has still not been possible to identify her. The police noted that there was no blood at the place where the body was found which leads them to believe that this unfortunate was murdered elsewhere and that the murderer immediately conveyed her body to the railway viaduct. A torn chemise covered with blood was found near the naked body. Doctors believe that death occurred two days ago. Three sailors who were sleeping near the spot where the body was found were arrested by the police; but they were able to prove that they were completely innocent of the crime and they were released.

London, September 11.
The police have discovered nothing which could put them on the trail of the killer of the woman whose body was found yesterday beneath the Cable Street viaduct in the Whitechapel district.

The body is in the mortuary but so far no one has identified it.

The emotion caused by this event is tending to die down. The police have failed to cast any light on the mystery and are continuing their investigations along the Thames docks, on the ships that are at the quays and in the river but with as little success as usual. Some people believe that the body must have been carried to the spot where it was found, by some medical students wanting to cause a stir and attract attention again to this mysterious being who has been given the name Jack the Ripper.

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