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London, U.K.
2 November 1888


Upon inquiry at the Whitechapel Police-station, this morning, it was stated that nothing was known there of any discovery of knives in connection with the East-end murders. If, they say, the reported "find" had any possible relation to the Whitechapel crimes, they would have been informed of it. The authorities state that altogether a large number of weapons, each of which has been at first mentioned as used by the murderer, have been discovered at different parts of London since the outrages. The authorities think that these discoveries are mainly the work of practical jokers. The "kidney incident" has been pronounced an entirely fictitious "clue".

It is said that in London and different parts of the country about three hundred persons have at various times been temporarily detained on suspicion of being connected with the crimes. In each case inquiry proved that there was no ground for supposing any of the men to be the murderer.


Some weeks ago a burglary was committed at the Aldgate Post-office. Yesterday, Francis Robarti, a "tipster", tried to change 120 fivepenny stamps, a portion of the proceeds o the burglary at the Burlington House Post-office. The chief clerk there asked where he hat obtained them, and e said from a man named Lacy, a part payment of a bet. He declined to give Lacy's address, at it might get him into trouble, as the affair was a betting transaction. He, however, promised to bring Lacy in the evening. He did not do so, but instead came with his wife, and saw Constable Towey, to whom he repeated his explanation. He was apprehended, and charged with being in the unlawful possession of the stamps, at the Marlborough-street Police-court, to-day. - Detective-sergeant Drew informed the Magistrate that Robarti hat been previously convicted, and he was thereupon imprisoned for a week.

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