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London, U.K.
22 August 1888


Particulars of the discovery of the bodies of three children in the East-end, have been conveyed to Mr. Wynne E. Baxter. The bodies were all three of children of only a few days' old, but there is little doubt that foul play has been the cause of death in each case. A boy named Spencer found one child lying between some logs in Millwall Docks. A constable found another, which had unmistakably been strangled, in Turner-street, neatly done up in a parcel. The third case is one of an unusual character. It appears that on the 4th. Inst., some persons saw a man and woman, going along Baker's-row, Whitechapel, and when passing some vacant ground they threw a bundle over the hoarding. The bundle was afterwards recovered and found to contain a living female child. It was conveyed to the Whitechapel Infirmary, where it was fed artificially, and lived until Monday last. The man and woman were allowed to escape.

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