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East London Observer
Saturday, 31 March 1888.

Attempted Murder at Mile End.

On Wednesday morning, at half-past twelve, an attempt was made to murder a young dressmaker at Bow. Screams for help were heard proceeding from Maidman-street, Burdett-road, and a couple of young women rushed up to some police-constables on duty outside the "Royal Hotel," and said that a woman was being murdered. The two constables, 232 K and 539 K, immediately ran to 19, Maidman-street, and there found a young woman named Ada Wilson lying in the passage, bleeding profusely from a wound in the throat. Dr. Wheeler, of the Mile End-road, was sent for, and after binding up the woman's wounds sent her to the hospital. There she was able to state what had occurred, and gave a description of her assailant. She said that she occupied both parlours of the above house, and was about to retire to rest when she heard a knock at the door, and upon going there found a total stranger waiting, who demanded money, adding that if she did not at once produce the cash she had but a few moments to live. She refused to give the money and the man at once drew from his pocket a clasp knife, with which he stabbed her twice in the throat. From the details of the man's appearance given by Wilson, the following will be found a fairly accurate description of the man:- Aged about 30, height 5 ft. 6 in.; face sunburnt, with fair moustache; dressed in dark coat, light trousers, and wideawake hat. Detective-Inspectors Wildey and Dillworth are looking for him. It is thought impossible that the injured woman can recover.

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