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Denton Journal (Maryland)
20 January 1923

From the serialised novel "Out of the Darkness" by Charles J. Dutton

Their discussion finally settled down upon the two schools of psychoanalysis. From the first, this talk bored Currie; and every once in a while he would throw me an appealing glance. At last the conversation turned to crime, and Currie suddenly asked Bartley if it had ever been discovered who Jack the Ripper was. What made him ask the question I do not know. Bartley replied that though no name had ever been given out, Scotland Yard had come to the conclusion that the crimes had been committed either by a crazy Polish Jew or more probably by a doctor. A well-known doctor had been on the border line of insanity at the time the Whitechapel murders had occurred; and when he dropped out of sight the murders ceased. The English detectives were almost positive that he was the murderer, but they could not prove it.

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