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Daily News
United Kingdom
29 June 1883

THE ALLEGED WIFE MURDER IN ST. LUKE'S - Mr. Lengham held and inquest yesterday at St. Bartholomew's Hospital respecting the death of Sarah Ann Kelly, aged 22, late of Cottage-Lane, City-Road, St. Luke's, who is alleged to have died from inquiries inflicted upon her by her husband, James Kelly, who is now under remand at Clerkenwell Police-Court, charged with the offence. The couple had only been married a fortnight, and had lived very unhappily. On Thursday evening last they quarreled, and according to the woman's dying depositions her husband pulled a knife out of his pocket and "stuck" it into her several times. He had threatened her life three times previously. A letter in the handwriting of the husband, dated from Clerkenwell Prison, was produced. In it he admitted having stabbed his wife, but said he had no intention of doing it, but was carried away by passion. He implored his wife to forgive him. The jury returned a verdict of "willful murder" against James Kelly.

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