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Daily Gazette and Bulletin
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
11 July 1891

The Life Sentence passed Upon Him Yesterday

New York, July 10.
A curious crowd gathered in general sessions court room No. 1 this morning long before the opening hour to be present when George Frank, alias Ameer Ben Ali, alias Frenchy or the Ripper, was sentenced by Recorder Smythe, for the butchery of the aged outcast Carrie Brown. The Recorder entered at 10:05 and George Frank was summoned by the Court. The little wiry Ripper glided noiselessly for the cage into the presence of the Judge. Every eye was upon him, yet he looked not the least disconcerted. Lawyer House moved for a new trial. As grounds therefore he cited error in admitting evidence, even in the charge to the jury and the fact that the verdict was contrary to the evidence.

Recorder Smythe denied the motion. In passing sentence for life imprisonment the Recorder referred to his satisfaction of Frenchy's guilt and commented on the low order of humanity to which the prisoner belonged. Frenchy was then led away.

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