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The Daily Colonist (Canada)
11 September, 1888

The Recent Horrible Murders in Spitalfields Believed to be the Work of a Madman.

A Clue to the Spitalfields Murder.

LONDON, Sept. 10. The mystery surrounding the recent murders in the east end has induced experts to advise the police to make exhaustive enquiries concerning persons recently discharged from lunatic asylums as cured. A man answering the description of one of these was arrested to-day. He exhibits homocidal [sic] tendencies and will be closely watched. Two prominent peers visited the scene of the murders to-day.

No Clue to the Murderer

LONDON, Sept. 10. As yet the Spitalfields murderer has not been caught, and the prospects that he will be are rapidly failing. The detectives are losing their heads completely under the attacks of the newspapers and the ridicule of the populace, and appear to be further from the truth than ever. Not one of the persons arrested on suspicion has been connected with the most remote circumstances which could induce the belief that he was even aware that a murder had been committed.

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