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Cumberland Evening Times
Maryland, U.S.A.
8 May 1907
Murders and Mutilates the Bodies of Two Women

New York, May 8.
With her throat slashed from ear to ear and her body horribly mutilated, Mrs. Mary Veto, a young Italian woman was found today by the police in her Christie street home. In an adjoining room was found the dead body of Mrs. Maria Bringagoll, her mother, with her throat similarly slashed.

With the fiendishness of Jack the Ripper, the murderer, after killing Mrs. Veto, had slashed her body open only ceasing the work of mutilation when the blade of his knife broke against her breast bone.

John Baptiste Veto, the husband of the younger woman, is under arrest, charged with the double crime. Veto declares he encountered two men in his home who had killed the women and exhibits cuts on his hand which he says he received while grappling with them.

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