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Below is a list of unsolicited testimonials from our readers and reviewers:

"Your website - which I just discovered yesterday evening - is a veritable treasure chest for me and my classroom work, and I want to congratulate you on the concept, scope, and implementation of it. Well done indeed!"
- Paul Boggs
"I'm an academic specialising in Victorian society and literature. I congratulate you on your superlative site, which puts most 'academic' offerings to shame. "
- Peter Morton
"Your Jack the Ripper site is the best I've seen."
- Gary Robert Dyer
"My wife and I are beginners and appreciate your very helpful website."
- Robert L. Oyler
"Being the son of a 35-year homicide detective and a web page designer, I can honestly say that I'm equally impressed with the content of your site and the design."
- Steven W. Sharp
"Definitely the best site on the Ripper."
- Al Rauber
"I so enjoy your wonderfully comprehensive Casebook website on Jack the Ripper. "
- Colleen Scott
"I am grateful for the information you provide on your excellent website about the Whitechapel murders, and the objectivity you maintain."
- Allan McCormack
"Your website is one of the best around. And I'm not talking about just Jack the Ripper sites; yours is one of the best sites ON ANYTHING! The design is so professional and user friendly I had no trouble navigating around. I feel very comfortable with computers and am knowledgeable about webpages, and yet some pages are still so convoluted and difficult to navigate, I immediately move on. Not so with this site - it really is one of the few perfect sites out there."
- John Hatch
"May I be afforded the privilege of offering my best wishes for what is surely the finest site on the web and a supreme blessing for all students of the Whitechapel Murders. I have had the site bookmarked for several years now and visit on a very frequent basis. The Casebook, I believe, shows us all just what a powerful research tool the internet could be. Again, my congratulations and my deepest thanks for all of the hard work that the Casebook staff puts in. Every user of this site owes you a debt of gratitude, indeed the entire field of Ripper Studies owes you that gratitude. Thanks and keep up the extraordinary job!!!!"
- Robert L. Ebert
"I recently came across your site and wished to congratulate you on one of the most extensive, well-thought-out, erudite websites I've ever seen. It is impossible to stop reading! "
- Kathleen A. Carbone
"My professor wouldn't let me use Casebook: Jack the Ripper as a source due to its personal web site status. She said that an "org" address doesn't justify a organizational web site. I offered to show her the comprehensiveness of your site. She has been stuttering ever since. It's simply amazing. Now I can use your site as a source [for my paper]."
- Josh Putnam
"I am not a JTR buff. I was drawn to your website on a whim and a casual interest. That's the great thing about the web, anytime you want to look something up, all you have to do is go online. I have done that probably a thousand times for many different reasons and as many different subjects. I am writing you this because, of all those websites I've been to, yours is the most well organized, informative, well written, succinct, and easy to navigate of all of them. I just felt the need to tell you that. I know they give out awards for websites; if there's any way I could give a vote for yours please let me know. Well done."
- Terry Becker

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