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How to Navigate the Casebook

In designing Casebook: Jack the Ripper, we had serious concerns about the way in which our information would be presented. The Casebook is unique among most websites of this genre. Whereas other "educational" websites tend to act as supplements for more in-depth printed material, or more often, as poorly-written synopses, the Casebook has striven to become a complete, self-sufficient educational resource on the subject. Students of all levels of interest should find the information they desire - introductory materials for the novices, in-depth analyses for the intermediates, and up-to-date primary-source material for the experts.

This approach to the subject has resulted in a truly mammoth website - and a unique organizational problem. How do we present our data in a manner which is both logical and economical, and which will allow our users to easily navigate to the pages which interest them most?

What you see before you is the solution we have discovered.